Yahoo acquires Summly!

A few months ago, I discovered the great looking news app – Summly- and just last week, I blogged about it .

Yahoo has already decided to acquire them!

Every single tech news paper seems to talk about it  and here is an article from our favourite journalist about it.

As a user and mainly as someone who were hoping to see the application getting more local – I can’t deny that I am hugely disappointed by the acquisition .

Let’s hope that yahoo will do something interesting with this acquisition.


The local news app to follow – Summly


It has been a couple of months I have been testing an interesting news app called Summly

As most of people who have been using it I have to say that their iPhone app is extremely well designed ( reminded me the first time I tried flipboard though). 

The young startup looks like is well funded and seems to having a momentum .

I feel like they have got a great opportunity to make a great local news app and wish they push in that road.