Is Foursquare really stalled?


Lots of talks have been going on regarding the new foursquare huge funding.

Like most of people I have never been a huge fan of their Check-In or Mayor concepts but I have always thought the startup was going through a bigger & better ambition than that!

In the last 2 years, Foursquare founder has been promoting the company as  a recommendation tool .

Even if it’s a recommendation tool , it’s still not the perfect product but I feel like they may have a brilliant future in that direction.

An other huge point people seem to forget, the company founder has been extremely obsess with this  vision for more than a decade. People involved in Local know how hard it is to solve the “local”problem and if anyone might have a change to make Foursquare work that’s his own founder.

In conclusion , I  don’t feel like foursquare is stalled at all – They just talk less and get busy building their recommendation tool.


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