LocalEv is back!

I have made the decision to reopen this blog and keep up with my first goal to serve the community through this Blog.

My ambition for this blog!

As a lover of “everything local”, a few years ago, I was astonished to see how little companies/startups in the “local”field in the UK were covered.
Pretty much everyday, I could read about new startups or projects in this field based in US  but almost nothing in the UK.

Being in London and being involved in the local, hyperlocaI startups, I personally knew that there are full of projects coming into that market but I wasn’t hearing about them. Without seeing anything around like the kind of community I was starving to see, I decided to create it!

Let’s get the community going!

I am more of an entrepreneur rather than a journalist but I am a huge believer &lover of this market that I think it really deserves a strong community.
In the tech community, Local has been a “buzz word” for probably the last 4 years but even if no company has “fully” figured out this complex marketplace – Local is here to stay forever! As big as Social is – Local will even get bigger! I have no idea who will  be the lucky one to fully figure this out but LocalEv is here to follow the adventure!

Localev  will focus on The UK market. We will blog about all those Location-based services  , Hyperlocal services , Local marketplace – Local Media – Local commerce, etc…mobiles apps, websites, online or offline projects …yep we will blog about all of it!

If you are working on something interesting you think it would fit in this blog , don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Let’s get started!


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