Is hyperlocal “daily deals” business dead?

This might be quite an old videos but I think the subject of the debate is still quite relevant.

Nowadays , it seems like most of people have made they mind in admitting that the daily deals business is definitely dead.

The main arguments of users fatigue or seeing those deals as spams and mainly how irrelevant they are …. – those arguments are still strong reasons to think that the daily deal business was never a sustainable business.

But a new rebirth of this daily deal business seems to appear. This is what I personally call “a hyperlocal daily deal”!

How about if Groupon , LivingSocial and all those other look alike companies got it completely wrong?

How about if you could get relevant deals at a time you need it and mainly from where you really are?

Startups like Locappy ( seems to have a go at this and I am sure that we will see a crowd of companies jumping into this field again.