Foursquare is getting interesting!


I have been following Foursquare probably from around 2009/10

For the first couple of years , It was just a check in app. You give your location so you can connect with friends in the area or get info.

Nowadays, the startup has another dimension. Foursquare has moved from a checkin feature to a great location focused recommendation tool .

I never used it much personally. I guess the main reasons are because I never really understood why should I share my location and what I was really getting from it

But recently, I was at Southbank and I got a notification from a random person on Foursquare giving me info about the best places to visit in that area.

An other great experience was at the gym, I got a notification from the gym manager to remind me to put the weights back after I’d finished with them. Isn’t this great ?

Here are a few examples why I think Foursquare recommendation tool has a massive potential:

– Imagine being in a restaurant  and getting other people’s recommendations of what to/not to order. Good for consumers and for restaurants it can be a great marketing tool as well.

– Imagine going to a park you are unfamiliar with and getting feedback from people familiar with the park who share their favourite parts; where to get the best view, where is good for children, where to avoid going if you have a run, where regular music jams happen or sharing where the ice cream van is.

Anyway, you can let your imagination go and explore different directions that foursquare could go. There is a lot of potential. But at the moment the focus is still on connecting people as consumers to what local services are around.

We want to focus on community…


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