How Meetup has changed local communities?


We have all certainly heard about and probably most of us use the website on regular basis.

I was recently listening a podcast from the website founder ( Scott Heiferman) and I have to say that I was really inspired by his vision.

At Localev , we love community projects that has for goal to improve our society and here is a website which has interestingly been using technology to bring people together in a offline world.

Before I say more, here is the founder take on communities .

Although , meetup has been around for the last decade , it’s good to recognise how it has changed Local communities .

When meetup started I am pretty sure that most of people didn’t believe that it could make such a huge impact in the digital world  .

No one probably Imagined that technology could bring people to meet face to face in a offline world.

No one probably imagined that millions of people would create local communities based on their own interests.

Who even imagined meetup would be a great way to bring people together through their local communities .

Clearly Meetup has improved our world by enhancing the importance of building local communities which matters to us.


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