Why are Local Communities important ?

community Why are local communities important in nowadays world? A few weeks ago, I was having this kind of deep thoughts about my interest for local technologies and everything related to “hyperlocal” projects. After a few hours of online search , I came across this wonderful article which clearly gave me more deep satisfying thoughts.

A global and online world

The digital era and globalisation has made our world unarguably look smaller than it really is . Internet completely changed forever the speed of communication and interaction in all areas of our lives . Nowadays, technology plays such a major part in the way we socialise , work, shop, educate ourselves, entertain ourselves etc,… Our social life is massively happening online – We probably all have people in our lives that we only know online and we have basically never met in real life but we still feel “strongly “connected to. But is this really a problem? As a technology passionate, I clearly don’t think it is! A human being is a social animal! We clearly need to be around people and mainly people we feel connected with. If technology can provide a better social feeling – Which  has unarguably been done perfectly with the massive success of Facebook among many others. I would personally argue that offline world has never been so important in this digital world.

A digital era where local communities are even more needed than ever!

As brilliantly mentioned in this article , local communities have the power to enhance people happiness and bring a better society for all. The great purpose of technology companies is to change the world by making it a better place for everyone. That’s why startups have the huge responsibility of building a bridge between online and offline communities . The perfect example to follow is obviously Meetup like I mentioned in my last blogpost. By creating a better technology for online & offline local communities we are improving ourselves as human beings!


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